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What is it?

We shrunk the Digital Retro Park and crammed it into a Game Boy cartridge, at least almost. Accompany Sandy, Dave or Rob, the flying robot, on a tour through the Digital Retro Park … on your Game Boy!

This is not a game in a strict sense of the word. The Museum on a Cart is a tour of the museum and you learn a lot about the exhibits that are in the real Digital Retro Park. You can talk to club members and learn more about the Digital Retro Park and there are a lot of hidden ghosts and other things to discover. On top of that, Tronimal is responsible for the music – a real treat for the ears!

The module is compatible with the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Pocket.


Like many other cultural institutions, the Corona crisis hit us hard. Museums – especially those that, like us, belong to the adventure museums, where a lot can be tried out and touched – were among the first facilities that had to close and even with sophisticated hygiene concepts were not allowed to open in the current lockdown. No visitors, no income, but running costs!

This little project aims to provide two things: attention and some money in our coffers. With the sale of this Museum on a Cart, we hope to be able to lead the Digital Retro Park a little longer through the dry spell and yes: every cartridge sold, every post that draws attention to us, every word about us and every penny in our money box helps!

On top of that, it was a very fun project and we think the Game Boy has aged well. With sales beyond the 100 million mark (GB and GBC added together), there should still be many retro-affine friends of the iconic handheld. The Museum on a Cart feels at home with it and it can be emulated on almost any modern hardware.

What’s in the package?

  • Plastic box with plastic insert – stylish and much more stable than conventional cardboard boxes
  • Some Digital Retro Park stickers
  • A 38mm Digital Retro Park Button
  • The Game Boy cartridge
    • all text in German and English
    • Soundtrack from Tronimal with pieces from TSM, DeerTears
    • Ghosts in the machines
    • Treasures, treasures, treasures! Hidden, but they are there, promissed!

How to order your copy of the Museum on a Cart

We’re glad that you want to support the Digital Retro Park!

The price for this one-of-a-kind Museum on a Cart is set at 50 EUR plus shipping. The majority of the money flows directly into the museum’s cash register and thus helps the Digital Retro Park to survive through the crisis and into the future.

To order: Simply complete the order form below. You will receive a confirmation email with the payment instructions. Please do not send money before receiving the order confirmation email! If your location is outside Germany please indicate if you want registered (tracking) or unregistered (no tracking) shipping.

Addendum, since we got questions about it: Yes, there will be a ROM version for download later (probably at itch_io or somesuch). But we wanted to give the haptic expereince of the real thing some space first (and we ran out of time) . Anyone who ordered a cartridge will of course receive the ROM free of charge when we make it available.

Total cost incl. shipping in Germany

Wire Transfer55,-€ (DHL registered package 2kg, tracking)
PayPal57,-€ (DHL registered package 2kg, tracking, incl. PayPal fees)

Total cost incl. shipping inside EU (non-Germany)

Wire Transfer55,-€ (DHL unregistered package 2kg, no tracking)
64,-€ (DHL registered package 2kg, tracking)
PayPal57,-€ (DHL unregistered package 2kg, no tracking, incl. PayPal fees)
66,-€ (DHL registered package 2kg, tracking, incl. PayPal fees)

Total cost incl. shipping rest of world

PayPal69,-€ (DHL unregistered package 2kg, no tracking)
73,-€ (DHL registered package 2kg, tracking, incl. PayPal fees)

Order form

Note: Please have some patience with us. We do not employ an automatic shop system – this is all done by hand. But we try to answer all emails on the same day.

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